‘DETROIT TUNED’ STEERING RACK Detroit Speed’s new rack and pinions have been optimized to provide an exceptional modern performance feel on the street and on the track and are available in both standard and narrow widths.The standard width is 24.5” and the narrow width being 21.5”.This is one of the only racks with a 21.5” width in the aftermarket industry! • ‘Detroit Tuned’ valving specifically to provide the increased effort and performance feel found in late model performance vehicles • All new components • Every rack undergoes a rigorous quality check and is performance tested prior to being packaged • Includes polyurethane mounting bushings • Features an internal, inner tie rod boot balance tube Tech Tip: This is not a bolt-on Camaro application Applications P/N Price 21.5” Rack 090220 $600.00 24.5” Rack 090221 $600.00 POWER STEERING HOSE KIT The DSE Power steering hose kit includes fittings to convert your steering gear to -6 AN fittings. High quality stainless steel hoses are Teflon lined to handle the high pressure demands of the steering system. The hoses come with pre-crimped stainless steel fittings to attach to the -6 AN fittings at the steering gear. Each kit includes 30” of hose length that can be routed and cut to length at the pump end. You will need to add a pressure fitting at your GM Type II pump to complete this hose kit. You can choose from 091702 hardline pressure tube, 090401 outlet fitting, or 091801 banjo pressure fitting. Applications Pressure Fitting Return Fitting P/N Price 21.5” or 24.5” ‘Detroit Tuned’ Steering Rack 9/16” -18 to -6 AN 5/8” -18 to -6 AN 091302 $170.00 DSE Steering Rack Specifications Standard Narrow Inner Tie Rod Ball to Ball Width 24.5” 21.5” Overall Width 45” 42” Linear Rack Travel 5.5” 4.5” Number of Turns Lock to Lock 2.5 Mounting Bolt Span 15.5” 13.5” Mounting Bolt Size 9/16” Outer Tie Rod Thread Length 6” Outer Tie Rod Thread Size 9/16”-18 Input Shaft ¾”-36 Recommended Pump Flow Rate 3 gal/min Maximum Peak System Pressure 1800 psi High Pressure Fitting Thread 9/16”-18 Low Pressure Fitting Thread 5/8”-18 ALL MODELS STEERING ALL MODELS STEERING ALL MODELS WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 100 100