POWER STEERING FLOW CONTROL VALVE This flow control fitting reduces flow from 3 gal/min to approximately 2 gal/min while retaining the appropriate pressure in the system. This flow control valve should be used when a GM Type II power steering pump is used with a Mustang II rack and pinion. Applications P/N Price GM Type II Power Steering Pump 091401 $30.00 Tech Tip: A power steering pump with a 3 gal/min flow rate can over boost a Ford Mustang II rack and pinion. The steering will feel “twitchy” or “nervous.” POWER STEERING HOSE KITS The DSE Power steering hose kit includes fittings to convert your steering gear to -6 AN fittings. High quality stainless steel hoses are Teflon lined to handle the high pressure demands of the steering system. The hoses come with pre-crimped stainless steel fittings to attach to the -6 AN fittings at the steering gear. Each kit includes 30” of hose length that can be routed and cut to length at the pump end. You will need to add a pressure fitting at your GM Type II pump to complete this hose kit. You can choose from 091702 hardline pressure tube, 090401 outlet fitting, or 091801 banjo pressure fitting. Applications Pressure Fitting Return Fitting P/N Price Early GM Gear Box 1965-1981 with inverted flare steering gear ports 11/16” -18 to -6 AN 5/8” -18 to -6 AN 091101 $170.00 Late GM Gear Box 1982-1998 and GM Rack & Pinion gears with metric o-ring steering gear ports (Excludes 600 gear box) M18 x 1.5 to -6 AN M16 x 1.5 to -6 AN 091201 $170.00 600 Gear Box Only M18 x 1.5 to -6 AN (long) M16 x 1.5 to -6 AN (long) 091202 $170.00 DSE Subframe, Chevy II Front Frame, X-Gen Series Frame and 1979 - 2004 Ford Fox Body 9/16” -18 to -6 AN 5/8” -18 to -6 AN 091302 $170.00 Mustang II Rack & Pinion M16 x 1.5 to -6 AN & 5/8” -18 to -6 AN M14 x 1.5 to -6 AN & 1/2” -20 to -6 AN 091301 $175.00 DSE C2/C3 Corvette Front Suspension N/A - See Note N/A - See Note 091304 $170.00 DSE STEERING TECH KEY CHARACTERISTICS FOR HOT ROD ANDSTREET ROD STEERING SYSTEMS • 3 gal/min flow rate • 1250 – 1450 psi pressure relief • Mustang II flow control fitting available - A pump with a 3 gal/min flow rate can over boost a ‘Mustang II’ rack and pinion - The steering will feel ‘twitchy’ or ‘nervous’ - The flow control fitting will restrict flow to approx. 2 gal/min while retaining the appropriate pressure in the system. DSE Flow Control Valve Different from Side to Side Equal, but too Negative Equal, but too Positive Vehicle will pull to side with less positive caster. Steering wheel will be light. Steering will be heavy. Vehicle will wander and be difficult to keep in a straight line. Steering wheel may kick when you hit a bump. FLOW CONTROL A properly sized power steering pump provides adequate flow at engine idle. The output of a positive displacement pump will vary linearly with engine speed. Therefore, power steering pumps are equipped with a flow control valve which limits the discharge from the pump and recir- culates the excess fluid internally. CASTER CONDITIONS ecir- Note: The pressure and return fittings come installed on the DSE C2/C3 Corvette Front Suspension. ALL MODELS ALL MODELS STEERING ALL MODELS STEERING WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 103 103