VINTAGE AIR VintageAir isthe inventorof performance air conditioning and is continuingto bring advancementsto performance air conditioningtoday.We areoneofthetop 20 authorizeddealers and can helpyou with everythingfrom specifying andordering a systemto complete installation. VintageAir has systemsto specificallyfityour ride, as well as universal systemstofit any custom applications. GEN IV systems include: • Evaporator and mounting brackets • Drain kit, Heater control valve, Louvers • A/C duct hose • Defrost option includes hoses and duct DSE VINTAGE AIR MOUNTING BRACKET This DSE exclusive bolt-in bracket allows you to easily mountVintage Air's GEN IV Compac evaporator under the dash of your 1969 Camaro with no fabrication required. This powder coated bracket bolts to existing locations underneath your dash. The evaporator then bolts directly to the bracket. The bracket also accommodates a stock 1969 console. Applications P/N Price 1969 F-Body (Camaro Only) 011006 - GEN IV Magnum $150.00 1969 F-Body w/Factory AC 011004 - Plenum Bracket $ 20.00 Gen IV Magnum Bracket Installed CONTROL PANELS These control panels install with simple plug-in connections. No vacuum lines are required.The panels have true OEM style louver air temperature regulation and bi-level operation of A/C and heat modes. GEN IV Control Panels Your choice of control panels for the GEN IV system. • Horizontal black anodized control panel - 4.125” wide x 1.25” tall, aluminum, internally lighted • Vertical black anodized control panel - 1.25” wide x 4.125” tall, aluminum, internally lighted • Horizontal polished control panel - 4.125” wide x 1.25” tall, aluminum, internally lighted • Vertical polished control panel - 1.25” wide x 4.125” tall, aluminum, internally lighted 3 Knob panel with black anodized face and knobs 3 Knob panel with polished face and knobs Applications P/N Price Various 491223-RUA - Horizontal - Black Anodized $209.00 Various 491226-RVA - Vertical - Black Anodized $209.00 Various 491210-RUA - Horizontal - Polished $199.00 Various 491214-RVA - Vertical - Polished $199.00 DSE 1967-1968 CAMARO VINTAGE AIR CONTROLLER MOUNT Our exclusive DSE Vintage Air GEN II and GEN IV controller mounts allow you to mount a Vintage Air GEN II or GEN IV controller in your stock 1967-1968 F-Body dash. It is a fabricated steel part that is a direct bolt-in replacement for your original controller and comes with the hardware required to install it into your vehicle. The controller mount is available in six different configurations. • Bare ready for you to cut the hole for the controller • Pre-cut ready to accept the Vintage Air GEN II or GEN IV controllers When you receive the controller mount simply paint, bolt it into your stock HVAC location, and reinstall your stock trim to cover the bolt heads. 011005S For Streamline shown 011005K for GEN II 4-knob shown Applications P/N Price 1967-1968 F-Body 011005 - Blank $35.00 1967-1968 F-Body 011005C - Cut out for Std. Horizontal Controller $65.00 1967-1968 F-Body 011005M - Cut out for Machined Horiz. Controller $65.00 1967-1968 F-Body 011005S - Cut out for Streamline Controller $65.00 1967-1968 F-Body 011005K - Cut out for GEN II 4-Knob Controller $65.00 1967-1968 F-Body 011005T - Cut out for GEN IV 3-Knob Controller $65.00 GEN IV Technology The GEN IV Magnum has separate high capacity heat and cooling coils for outstanding performance and instant temperature adjustments. The Magnum’s case allows extra clearance of larger tunnels on later model cars. It is available in the Magnum and SureFit Kits. The GEN IV technology includes all of the technology from the GEN II plus: • Micro-processor controlled coil temperature monitor with no capillary to run • In full A/C mode air bypasses heater core resulting in less restriction and increased airflow • Aluminum plate/fin A/C coil (most effective design available) • Positive shut off solenoid operated heater control valve in max A/C • Infinite defrost/floor air blend with dedicated defrost • Separate high capacity heat and cool coils ALL MODELS CLIMATE CONTROL ALL MODELS CLIMATE CONTROL ALL MODELS WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 116 116