SHOCK UPGRADE OPTIONS Base Shock - The DSE/JRi ‘Detroit Tuned’ base shock is a ‘pure blood pedigree’ racing shock in its most efficient form as a non-adjustable unit. Although non-adjustable, it shares all the increased dynamic responses of all the JRi adjustable models while providing excellent ride quality on the street. Single Adjustable Shock - Includes all features of base shock with ‘Detroit Tuned’ valving plus installed rebound adjustment with the simple turn of a knob while providing excellent ride quality on the street. Double Adjustable Shock - This is the most race winning shock JRi has in its stable. With its two independent adjustments and the enormous range of adjustment it can be set to the exacting demands of the driver and performance levels required while providing excellent ride quality on the street. Double Adjustable with Remote Canister - This DSE/JRi shock has all of the qualities of the double adjustable shock to provide high frequency and low speed dampening control with easy adjustment access on the mountable remote canisters. Accessories P/N Price Remote Canister Shock Mounts - These billet aluminum canister mounts are manufactured for securing your remote shock canisters to the vehicle. The canisters mount with two 1/4”-20 x 1/2” buttonhead screws. 032102 $95.00/pair Torrington Bearings - Torrington bearings offer the highest quality available for frictionless bearings. They are produced from the best materials and make adjusting ride height easier. 031062 $50.00/pair Base Shocks Double Adjustable Shocks Single Adjustable Shocks Remote Canister Double Adjustable Shocks Remote Canister Shock Mounts Torrington Bearing Upgrade WHY ARE SHOCKS SO IMPORTANT? Not all shocks are the same. We, at Detroit Speed, spend a great deal of time and engineering on our ‘Detroit Tuned’ shock valving and shock designs. The ride and handling of a vehicle greatly depends on the internal valving of the shocks; as well as, the timing of the jounce bumpers. If all of these items are not considered in the overall design of the system, both the ride and han- dling will suffer. If designed properly, you can have a vehicle that both rides well comfortably down the road and handles well on an autocross or road course. You do not have to sacrifice one for the other as long as the shocks and springs are engineered for the system. The ‘Detroit Tuned’ valving in our adjustable shocks is specifically designed with a great deal of range for the street and any performance driving you intend, such as autocross, road course, or drag strip. They are easily adjustable at the track to fine tune your car as needed. Detroit Speed chooses JRi for our shocks for the simple reason that they want their shocks to be the best available shocks in the industry. The JRi formula is to conduct a mass of research with high-tech equipment, utilizing the most innovative minds in the game, mixed with science and engineering, feedback from testing at race tracks all over the country and input from real racers, which equals the most advanced performance of any shock on the market. ALL MODELS SHOCK UPGRADES SHOCK UPGRADES WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 120 120