UPPER REAR AXLE BUSHING REMOVER/INSTALLER The UpperAxle Bushing Remover/Installer enables you to easily remove the old bushings and install new bushings in yourA-Body or G-Body rear axle.The Remover/Installer works on stock and aftermarketA-Body or G-Body rear axles. Applications P/N Price Various 042501 $110.00 SPANNER WRENCH Use this electroplated adjustable wrench for coilover shocks.The spanner wrench will fit most coilover shocks.They offer enough leverage to turn most spring seats and are small enough to fit in your back pocket.The spanner features a rubber grip for easy use. REAR CRADLE MOUNT INSTALLATION/REMOVAL TOOL The Detroit Speed, Inc. Rear Cradle Mount Installation/RemovalTool enables the user to easily remove the factory rear cradle bushings and install your Detroit Speed Solid Rear Cradle Mounts in your 2010+ Camaro.This professional grade tool includes a black oxide finish on the hex nuts and aluminum components. Applications P/N Price Various 031011 $40.00 Applications P/N Price 2010+ Camaro 042502 $495.00 Tech Tip: For Detroit Speed G-Body shocks only. JRI SPANNER TOOL & ADJUSTMENT TOOL Use the JRi spanner tool when adjusting your ride height on DSE suspension applications when using DSE/JRi shocks.The adjustment tool is used for adjusting the valving on DSE/JRi shocks. SHOCK INFLATION TOOL Use this shock inflation tool to further adjust your air pressure inside the body of the shock. Detroit Speed recommends a range of 50 - 250 psi for DSE/JRi shocks. Applications P/N Price DSE/JRi Shocks 031060 - Spanner Tool $15.00 DSE/JRi Shocks 031061 - Adjustment Tool $20.00 Applications P/N Price DSE/JRi Shocks 031063 $90.00 ALL MODELS TOOLS TOOLS WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 121 121