Applications P/N Price Detroit Speed’s How to Build a Pro-Touring Car 999913 $30.00 DETROIT SPEED BILLET SHIFTER KNOB The DSE shifter knob is black anodized billet aluminum with a DSE logo laser etched on the top. It fits a stock 3/8” thread and looks great in any car. Applications P/N Price Various 070201 $50.00 DETROIT SPEED LICENSE PLATE Show off your support for DSE everywhere you go in your hot rod or muscle car with this attractive Aluminum License Plate that has been black anodized and then laser etched with the Detroit Speed, Inc. logo. DETROIT SPEED KEY CHAIN The Detroit Speed key chain is the perfect complement for your hot rod. The key chain is black plastic with a white Detroit Speed logo screen printed on it. This is a great little gift for you or a friend. DETROIT SPEED GARAGE SIGN The Detroit Speed sign is made of .032 aluminum, is 35” x 15”, embossed, die cut to the Detroit Speed logo shape and comes with four mounting holes. This sign makes the perfect wall decoration for your office or garage. DETROIT SPEED CONVERSION CHARTS The Detroit Speed conversion chart is the perfect accessory to your hot rod shop or your garage. The conversion chart is gloss coated to protect against any spills and is available in either a 13” x 19” or a 19.75” x 28.75” size. Applications P/N Price Various 011901 $25.00 Applications P/N Price Various 999102 $2.00 Applications P/N Price Various 999101 $40.00 Applications P/N Price 13” x 19” 999916 $5.00 19.75” x 28.75” 999917 $7.50 REFERENCE BOOK Detroit Speed’s How to Build a Pro-Touring Car Trends in automotive modification come and go, some outlandish, some practical. Currently, the trend called “Pro Touring,” definitely leans toward the practical. Originally a term coined for GM cars, the term Pro Touring has come to mean a style of all cars, and many eras. Pro Touring is essentially the art of adding modern technology to aged designs, creating cars that stop, start, handle, drive, and behave just as modern performance cars do. , ALL MODELS ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 122 122