FRONT COILOVER KIT The Detroit Speed coilover kit is designed to convert your stock front subframe to a coilover shock and spring suspension system. This kit allows the latest in coilover spring/shock technology to be bolted into any F-Body or X-body application, bringing your classic’s handling and ride into the 21st century with our unique ‘Detroit Tuned’ valving. The DSE front coilover kit offers extensive ride height adjustability and DSE valving, allowing you to easily adjust ride height and spring rate to suit your driving needs, based on a 4” stroke shock. Our springs are 100% quality checked, inspected, and engraved with the spring rate and will not lose their height over time. Our optional single or double adjustable coilovers offer adjustability with multiple settings for both compression and rebound. The ultimate package is our monotube remote reservoir coilover set which offers separate fluid canisters for optimum adjustability and improved heat dissipation. The kit includes: • Coilover Shocks and Springs • Torrington Bearing Set and Spanner Tool • All Necessary Fasteners Applications P/N Base Shock Single Adj. (S) Double Adj. (D) Remote Canister (R) 1967-1969 F-Body 030311-S/D/R - 550 lb/in - SBC, LS $850.00 $1300.00 $1900.00 $2150.00 1967-1969 F-Body 030312-S/D/R - 650 lb/in - BBC $850.00 $1300.00 $1900.00 $2150.00 1968-1974 X-Body 030311-S/D/R - 550 lb/in - SBC, LS $850.00 $1300.00 $1900.00 $2150.00 1968-1974 X-Body 030312-S/D/R - 650 lb/in - BBC $850.00 $1300.00 $1900.00 $2150.00 1970-1981 F-Body 030313-S/D/R - 575 lb/in - SBC, LS $850.00 $1300.00 $1900.00 $2150.00 1970-1981 F-Body 030314-S/D/R - 700 lb/in - BBC $850.00 $1300.00 $1900.00 $2150.00 1967-1969 F-Body & 1968-1974 X-Body Front Coilover Kit shown ver spring/shock ng your classic’s d’ valving. The DSE front allowing you to easily Tech Tip: Use your supplied spanner tool to adjust ride height on your shocks. You can also purchase a shock adjustment tool to adjust your shock valving or a shock inflation tool for air pressure adjustment. Adjustment tools are available on page 121. F-BODY X-BODY 1967-1981 F-BODY, 1968-1974 X-BODY FRONT SUSPENSION 1967-1981 F-BODY, 1968-1974 X-BODY FRONT SUSPENSION WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 17 17