REAR UPPER SHOCK MOUNTS Use our fabricated upper shock mounts when Mini-Tubbing your car for a larger rear tire. These mounts should be used with our rear upper shock crossmember. They are designed for shocks with an eyelet upper mount using a 1/2” bolt. The shock mounts are sold in pairs with 1/2” bolts and nuts included. Applications P/N Price Various 040501 $25.00 /pair Applications P/N Price Fits all 3” axle tubes 040201 $110.00 /pair Applications P/N Price Fits all 3” Axle Tubes 040701 - Steel w/zinc electroplate finish $ 45.00 ADJUSTABLE LEAF SPRING PADS These leaf spring pads are used when installing a new rear end housing or when relocating your leaf springs to accommodate a larger rear tire.The steel adjustable leaf spring pads clamp to any 3” axle tube. Simply locate and center the axle housing, set the pinion angle and leaf spring positions, and then clamp the spring pads in place. We recommend you permanently weld the spring pads in place after you set the pinion angle. The spring pads are compatible with 2-1/2” wide leaf springs. HEAVY DUTY REAR AXLE U-BOLTS Our heavy duty 1/2 ”- 20 x 7” long U-bolts provide a simple and clean way to mount your rear axle. They come complete with tall 1/2”-20 nuts. Use this set of U-bolts with our spring pads and lower shock plates. The DSE U-bolts are available in steel with a zinc electroplate finish and are for use with 3” axle tubes. The U-bolts are sold in a car set of 4. STOCK REAR AXLE U-BOLTS These stock U-bolts work with our stock lower shock plates. The dimensions are 7/16” - 20 x 6-3/4” long and come complete with tall 7/16” - 20 nuts. For use with 3” axle tubes. The U-bolts are bare steel and are sold in a car set of 4. Applications P/N Price Stock Configuration 040703 $40.00 ADJUSTABLE REAR REPLACEMENT SHOCKS This Koni Classic shock (Red) has been engineered to maximize ride comfort and handling performance with your stock leaf spring suspension F-Body or X-Body.These shocks are firmer than the original underdamped factory shocks.These are bolt-in shocks with stock replacement mounts, and they are rebound adjustable. Applications P/N Price 1967-1969 F-Body 041302 - Multi-Leaf $320.00 /pair 1967-1969 F-Body 041303 - Mono-Leaf $320.00 /pair 1968-1974 X-Body 041306 - Multi-Leaf $320.00 /pair 1970-1981 F-Body 041305 - Multi-Leaf $320.00 /pair 1967-1969 F-Body Multi-Leaf Shocks 1967-1969 F-Body Mono-Leaf Shocks 1968-1974 X-Body Multi-Leaf Shocks F-BODY X-BODY 1967-1981 F-BODY, 1968-1974 X-BODY REAR SUSPENSION 1967-1981 F-BODY, 1968-1974 X-BODY REAR SUSPENSION WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 29 29