INFOCUS - WHY CHOOSE THE DETROIT SPEED 600 OR 1000 SERIES SUPER TANK? • Corner pick-ups allow for low fuel level during track events or heavy cornering without starving the pump • No additional fuel filter needed for a clean install to the engine • Improved internal baffling to prevent fuel sloshing around during acceleration or cornering • Less heat generated by the fuel pump, less noise and longer pump life FUEL TANK ACCESSORIES Use the sending unit with our narrowed fuel tanks. The sending unit is set up for GM and aftermarket gauges 0-90 ohm. The II Much Fuel Vent eliminates spillage at the track and fuel odors in the garage. Typically installed on pre-emission or modified performance cars it’s an attractive upgrade that elegantly solves a common problem whether you’re at the car show or the racetrack. Featuring hard anodized 6061 aluminum, 40 Micron filtration, and an engineered environmental seal, the II Much Fabrication Fuel vent looks as good as it performs. Installation is simple, requiring only one hole drilled in the trunk floor and a single hose to the tank. FUEL PUMP ACCESS DOOR KIT The Fuel Pump Access Door kit allows a bolt on cover to be located above the fuel pump so the fuel tank does not have to be removed to change or service the fuel pump. The inner opening clearance is 9” x 9” and includes a 1/4” thick steel weld plate with tapped holes and a 1/8” thick black anodized aluminum cover with stainless button head mounting bolts. Applications P/N Price DSE Narrowed Fuel Tanks 080201 - Sending Unit $ 50.00 DSE Narrowed Fuel Tanks 080401 - II Much Fuel Vent $290.00 Applications P/N Price Various 080402 $ 90.00 F-BODY X-BODY 1967-1981 F-BODY, 1968-1974 X-BODY FUEL SYSTEM 1967-1981 F-BODY, 1968-1974 X-BODY FUEL SYSTEM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 35 35