ADJUSTABLE REAR TRACK BAR KIT This is a direct replacement adjustable rear track bar assembly with new hardware. Features DSE cross-axis pivot bushings and the bar can be adjusted without un-bolting from the car. KONI ADJUSTABLE REAR REPLACEMENT SHOCKS This Koni shock has been engineered to maximize ride comfort and handling performance with your stock suspension 3rd Generation F-Body.These shocks are firmer than the original underdamped factory shocks. These are bolt-in shocks with stock replacement mounts, and they are rebound adjustable. REAR LOWER SWIVEL-LINK™ KIT DSE’s unique rear links incorporate our patented Swivel-Link™ system. These Swivel-Links™ eliminate bind and allows the suspension to fully articulate without the use of noisy spherical rod ends. Swivel-Link™ Rear Links allow for easy pinion angle adjustment for improved traction, lower driveline vibrations and comes with all new hardware. The Swivel-Links™ come powder coated satin black. Applications P/N Price 1982-2002 F-Body 042108 $250.00 Applications P/N Price 1982-1992 F-Body 041321 $280.00 /pair Applications P/N Price 1982-2002 F-Body 042109 $425.00 SUBFRAME CONNECTORS Our subframe connectors are fabricated from 1-1/2” x 2-1/2” x .083” wall steel tubing and increase the car’s stiffness by connecting front and rear torque box structures. They also function as a side jacking rail. The connectors do not hang lower than the rocker pinch flange so ground clearance is unaffected. They provide a nice mounting structure for roll cage installations as well. Laser cut brackets are included to attach the front and rear of the connector tubes to the torque box structures. Includes new seat belt brackets that are stronger than stock and provide mounting points for the stock belt system or a race style lap belt. t e e a ts er STEERING SHAFT KIT The DSE Steering Shaft Kit is designed to eliminate the factory rag joint assembly, creating firmer, more precise steering characteristics. Removal of the rag joint also improves underhood clearances.The kit includes a vibration reducing joint designed to insure that improved steering feel does not come at the cost of harshness or vibration. Applications P/N Price 1982-1992 F-Body 092519 $285.00 Applications P/N Price 1982-1992 F-Body 010110 $350.00 F-BODY BODY/REAR SUSPENSION 1982-1992 F-BODY BODY/REAR SUSPENSION 1982-1992 F-BODY WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 40 40