CHEVY II FRONT FRAME OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES ENGINE FITMENT 1962-1967 CHEVY II Engine Mounting Oil Pan Headers SBC DSE P/N: 060415 Stock DSE P/N: 061003 LS1, LS2, LS3 DSE P/N: 060416 LS2/LS3, Corvette GM P/N: 12624617 4th Gen F-Body GM P/N: 12628771 Mast P/N: 401-111 (Mast & Holley pans are not compatible when using the DSE Chevy II Headers) Champ P/N: LS1000 Holley P/N: 302-2 DSE P/N: 061002 LS7 LS9 DSE P/N: 060416 Corvette Dry Sump Pan GM P/N: 12626225 DSE P/N: 061002 ACCESSORY COMPONENTS 1962-1967 CHEVY II Component Description Brakes DSE has Baer Brake packages for our Chevy II Front Frame. Any C6 Corvette brake application works with our front frame. Subframe Connectors Chevy II Subframe Connectors available - P/N: 010104 Rack & Pinion Fittings Pressure ( High ) 9/16” - 18, Return ( Low ) 5/8” - 18. Fittings adapt to -6AN, and complete hose kits are available from DSE. Rack & Pinion Input Shaft 3/4” - 36, complete kits available from DSE. (see pg 60) Camber Shims Use DSE Camber Shim Track Kit P/N: 031714 INFOCUS - DETROIT SPEED’S COMPOSITE ANTI-ROLL BAR BUSHINGS Detroit Speed’s composite anti-roll bar bushings combine the benefits of solid DelrinTM and Polyurethane bushings in a single composite component. They feature a rigid, low friction DelrinTM inner bushing for precise handling response while utilizing a polyurethane outer shell for isolation and noise reduction. CHEVY II 1962-1967 CHEVY II FRONT SUSPENSION 1962-1967 CHEVY II FRONT SUSPENSION WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 59 59