QUADRALINK™ REAR SUSPENSION KIT Upgrade from your original leaf spring suspension. DSE’s exclusive 4-link geometry design is uncompromised to achieve the best possible handling and ride quality. The DSE “Swivel-Link™” (Patent No. 7,398,984) allows the suspension to fully articulate with smooth solid motion with no binding. The long upper links provide great pinion and u-joint angle control. Contrary to competitors’ kits, DSE utilizes a panhard rod that provides precise and effective rear axle lateral location during hard cornering. The panhard rod is adjustable as ride height changes for roll center control. Don’t settle for anything less than DSE’s QUADRALink™ rear suspension! QUADRALink™ Features • No compromises in suspension geometry • DSE exclusive no-bind “Swivel-Link™” technology • High durometer bushings, no heim-joints to wear out and make noise • Long upper arms for pinion angle control • Improved anti-squat geometry • Long panhard rod for rear axle lateral control during hard cornering • Stock back seat can still be used • DSE/JRi Aluminum body coilover shocks with ‘Detroit Tuned’ valving • Coilover Springs • Includes a 3/4” OD .188” wall rear Anti-Roll Bar • All links are powder coated satin black DSE exclusive Swivel-Link™ (Patented) technology eliminates binding and allows the suspension to fully articulate without the use of noisy heim joints Rear view computer rendering of the 1962-1967 Chevy II QUADRALink™ Tech Tip: DSE QUADRALink™ Tow-Hooks available on page 22. CHEVY II QUADRALINK™ WITH COILOVER SHOCKS AND SPRINGS Applications P/N Base Shock Single Adj. (S) Double Adj. (D) Remote Canister (R) 1962-1967 Chevy II 041707-S/D/R $3225.00 $3670.00 $4225.00 $4525.00 Tech Tip: Rear end housing not included. Rear end housings are located on page 96. Tech Tip: Use your supplied spanner tool to adjust ride height on your shocks. You can also purchase a shock adjustment tool to adjust your shock valving or a shock inflation tool for air pressure adjustment. Adjustment tools are available on page 121. CHEVY II REAR SUSPENSION 1962-1967 CHEVY II REAR SUSPENSION 1962-1967 CHEVY II WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 62 62