REAR SWIVEL-LINKS™ DSE’s unique rear links incorporate our patented Swivel-Link™ system. These Swivel-Links™ eliminate bind and allows the suspension to fully articulate without the use of noisy spherical rod ends. Swivel-Link™ Rear Links allow for easy pinion angle adjustment for improved traction, lower driveline vibrations and comes with all new hardware. The Swivel-Links™ come powder coated satin black. Applications P/N Price 1964-1967 A-Body 042104 $835.00 1968-1972 A-Body 042105 $835.00 DSE exclusive Swivel-Link™ (Patented) technology eliminates binding and allows the suspension to fully articulate without the use of noisy heim joints. CHASSIS BRACE KIT Through an extensive testing program, DSE discovered there are substantial improvements that could be made over the original rear chassis braces. By triangulating the rear crossmember, frame rail and upper control arm mount, we were able to reduce deflection within the rear section of the chassis. While designed as a replacement for A-Body cars originally fitted with rear braces, these can be installed on cars originally built without the braces with minimal effort, for substantial structural improvement. Applications P/N Price 1964-1972 A-Body 042301 $150.00 Tech Tip: Use our Upper Rear Axle Bushing Remover/Installer to replace your bushings. The Upper Rear Axle Bushing Remover/Installer is located on page 121. TUBULAR REAR ANTI-ROLL BAR Our new tubular rear anti-roll bars offer multiple advantages over the non-effective stock rear bar. First, unlike the factory bar, ours attaches to the rear end housing and to the chassis crossmember as opposed to the stock lower control arm mounted bar. By using the chassis to stabilize the rear axle as opposed to the opposite control arm, we are able to minimize deflection as your car is placed under a heavy cornering load. Second, the DSE bar mounts to the chassis with a low-friction ball style end-link, allowing free articulation of the bar, eliminating binding through the range of rear suspension travel. Our bar is also made of 1-1/8” tubular steel for added strength. The bar comes powder coated in a high gloss black finish, includes all necessary mounting hardware and has split lock collars that positively locate the anti-roll bar in the correct location. We bend all of our anti-roll bars in-house. This allows us to control quality so you receive the best product for your money. Applications P/N Price 1964-1972 A-Body 042201 $395.00 1973-1977 A-Body 042202 $395.00 A-Body Rear Anti-Roll Bar Rates Front Hole 597 lb/in Rear Hole 736 lb/in A-BODY REAR SUSPENSION 1964-1972 A-BODY REAR SUSPENSION 1964-1972 A-BODY WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 72 72