KYLE TUCKER AND THE 1941 WILLYS TAKE 3RD PLACE AT THE 2016 SEMA IGNITED “BATTLE OF THE BUILDERS” Kyle Tucker once again turned heads at the 3rd Annual SEMA Ignited’s “Battle of the Builders” that followed the SEMA show in November. This year Kyle brought something a little different than what Detroit Speed is known for. Kyle brought Mike & Janie’s recently completed ALL STEEL 1941 Willys featuring a GM Performance LS7. Kyle and the Willys made it to the final three which is a huge statement as Kyle had won the inaugural event with a 1969 Camaro two years previous. Mike wanted a car he could drive and he was not disappointed as earlier in the year Mike took the car to the NSRA Hot Rod Nationals, was named a Top 50 car and jumped in it and drove all the way back to Texas as the other winners were busy loading their cars up in their trailers to take home. NEWS & EVENTS NEWS & EVENTS NEWS & EVENTS WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 85 85