SHOCK TOWER DELETE KIT The shock tower delete kits for 1964.5 - 1970 Mustangs are used to close out the stock inner fender panels after removing the original strut towers. They can be bolted or welded in place, are compatible with stock inner fender panels and are designed to mimic original strut towers for a modern appearance. The delete kit provides clearance for Ford Modular engines and most aftermarket suspension systems and are stamped in the USA from 18 gauge steel. Applications P/N Price DSE Aluma-Frame 032055 - Shock Tower Delete Kit $160.00 With Vibration Reducing U-Joint Plain Steel Polished Stainless Steel Application P/N Price P/N Price 3/4” - 36: 1964.5 - 1970 Mustang 092524 $180.00 092524P $295.00 STEERING COUPLER The Steering Coupler U-joints utilize the latest in CNC machining technology. The U-joints are made out of the highest quality steel and have been thoroughly tested. Similar to OEM automotive U-joints, the staked needle bearing caps prevent loosening and adjustment malfunction. The shaft is a DD that can be easily trimmed to exact length needed. Also available are vibration reducers (DSE recommended) which significantly reduce vibration in the steering wheel and have also been shown to increase the overall life of the steering components. It is available in plain steel or polished stainless steel. Note: We recommend an ididit steering column. Please call with any questions. STEERING COUPLER WITH VIBRATION REDUCING U-JOINT 1964.5-1970 MUSTANG MUSTANG 1964.5-1970 MUSTANG FRONT SUSPENSION 1964.5-1970 MUSTANG FRONT SUSPENSION WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 91 91