Applications P/N Price 1964.5-1970 Mustang 080122 - Carbureted $ 950.00 1964.5-1970 Mustang 080123 - Fuel Injected $1350.00 Applications P/N Price 1964.5-1970 Mustang - “600” Series 080150 $1850.00 1964.5-1970 Mustang - “1000” Series 080151 $2835.00 Applications P/N Price 1964.5-1970 Mustang - Stock or Mini-Tub Vehicles 080125 $650.00 Fuel Pump Upgrades Mini-Tub Fuel Tank - 255LPH Walbro (Up to 630HP) 080302 $250.00 Mini-Tub Fuel Tank - 400LPH Walbro (Up to 1000HP) 080303 $300.00 Mini-Tub Fuel Tank - 109LPH Walbro (For carb applications with bypass regulator) 080304 $225.00 QUADRALINK STAINLESS STEEL FUEL TANK Our DSE tanks have an angled front corner to allow up to a 3” exhaust.This tank is meant to be used in conjunction with the DSE QUADRALink™ rear suspension.They are available for fuel injected or carbureted engines. All carbureted tanks have a 1/2” NPT fuel pick-up fitting compatible with either -8 AN or -10 AN fuel line. All tanks are baffled and pressure tested. 0-90 ohm fuel sending units are sold separately. MINI-TUB STAINLESS STEEL FUEL TANK The Detroit Speed Mustang Stainless Steel Narrowed FuelTank is specifically designed for stock or Mini-Tub applications on your 1964.5-1970 Mustang. It is a direct bolt-in using the original mounting location, is pressure tested andTIG welded with a brushed stainless steel construction.The fuel tank contains an internal fuel tray and in-tank baffling and works for both carbureted and fuel injected applications.The tank also has front mounted 3/8” NPT pickup and return fittings compatible with -8 AN fuel lines.The top of the fuel tank has a provision for an in-tank fuel pump (sold separately) and has a 16 gallon capacity. The narrowed tank gives better exhaust clearance on the driver’s side for the GT equipped vehicles with rear valance exhaust tips. With the DSE Mustang Stainless Steel Narrowed FuelTank you will be able to use a 2.5” exhaust without interfering with the fuel tank. QUADRALINK SUPER TANK 600 & 1000 SERIES STAINLESS STEEL FUEL TANK The Detroit Speed 600 series tank is specifically designed for vehicles with 600 HP that are using an internal fuel pump for track purposes. The Detroit Speed 1000 series fuel tank is specifically designed for vehicles with 1000 HP using a dual internal fuel pump system with an electronic controller. Both the 600 and 1000 series tanks have corner pickups built into the tank to eliminate the possibility of fuel starvation during extreme cornering without having a full tank. Note: Additional fuel pump upgrades available. Note: Fuel Tank holds 16 gallons. e the FUEL TANK ACCESSORIES Use the sending units with our narrowed fuel tanks. The sending units are set up for aftermarket gauges 0-90 ohm while the 75-10 ohm is set up for stock Mustang gauges. The II Much FuelVent eliminates spillage at the track andfuel odors in the garage.Typically installed on pre-emission or modified performance cars it’s an attractive upgrade that elegantly solves a common problem whether you’re at the car show or the racetrack. Featuring hard anodized 6061 aluminum, 40 Micronfiltration, and an engineered environmental seal, the II Much Fabrication Fuel vent looks as good as it performs. Installation is simple, requiring only one hole drilled in the trunkfloor and a single hose to the tank. Applications P/N Price DSE Narrowed Fuel Tanks 080201 - 0-90 ohm Sending Unit for Aftermarket Gauges $ 50.00 DSE Narrowed Fuel Tanks 080206 - 75-10 ohm Sending Unit for Stock Gauges $ 50.00 DSE Narrowed Fuel Tanks 080401 - II Much Fuel Vent $290.00 Closeout Panels for Stock Vehicles MUSTANG 1964.5-1970 MUSTANG FUEL SYSTEM 1964.5-1970 MUSTANG FUEL SYSTEM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM WWW.DETROITSPEED.COM 17.0 17.0 95 95