Power Steering Pump - Aluminum w / Integral Reservoir
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Power Steering Pump - Aluminum w / Integral Reservoir

Product Code: 090901

Detroit Speed's power steering pumps are compatible with any power steering gear or rack and pinion. All pumps are completely new and are not remanufactured. DSE pumps deliver constant flow under given operating pressures. The transverse bearing compact pumps (TC pumps) are less sensitive to radial belt loading than other types of pumps.

Detroit Speed power steering pump specifications:

• Flow = 2.4-2.8 GPM at 1500 rpm
• Pressure relief = 1250-1450 psi
• TC pumps offer high efficiency and quite operation
• All Detroit Speed pumps are compatible with Vintage Air's Front Runner accessory drive system
• Features a 0.665" shaft diameter
• All pumps, including those with an integral reservoir, fit within the Front Runner confines
• All pumps are available with Mustang II flow control valve. This flow control fitting will restrict the flow to approximately 2 gal/min while retaining the
appropriate pressure in the system

This power steering pump offers the same performance characteristics as our other pumps, and it saves 1.4 pounds over the cast iron version. The aluminum housing has a cast aluminum finish and the integral reservoir makes for a clean, compact package.

Tech Tip: Pulleys must be installed with proper power steering pulley installation tool; KD Tool #2897. DO NOT USE A HYDRAULIC PRESS!

USD $249.95
Retail price: USD $249.95
This kit contains:
  • Aluminum PS Pump with 26002722 Reservoir WBI (x 1)
  • Mill (x 3)
  • Quality Control (x 0)
  • Assembly (x 1)
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