Detroit Speed Subframe Connectors - (1964.5-70 Mustang)
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Detroit Speed Subframe Connectors - (1964.5-70 Mustang)

Product Code: 010105

Our uniquely designed Detroit Speed weld in subframe connectors increase your car's stiffness by connecting the front subframe to the rear frame rails. Our subframe connectors are fabricated from 1.5” x 2.5” x 0.083” wall rectangular steel tubing. The subframe connectors include front frame rail saddles and end caps for added strength and stiffness. Unlike others, the Detroit Speed subframe connectors are barely visible from underneath the car giving you the maximum amount of ground clearance that you can’t get with competitor’s bolt-on kits. The rear of the connector attaches to the Detroit Speed torque boxes that come with the Mustang QUADRALink kit or the Mustang Mini-Tub Kit. The connectors are bent and TIG welded in a fixture for accuracy and repeatability. Our subframe connectors do not interfere with seat attachment hardware or the installation and removal of the rear leaf spring pocket. The subframe connectors can be installed on convertibles. Additionally, the molded factory carpet will still fit over the subframe connectors. Our weld-in connectors are supplied with templates and detailed instructions for installation.

Note: If not installing the Mustang QUADRALink or the Detroit Speed Mustang Mini-Tub Kit, you will need to purchase the stock suspension Detroit Speed torque boxes P/N 010109.

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USD $214.95
Retail price: USD $214.95
This kit contains:
  • Subframe Connector, 64.5-70 Mustang (x 2)
  • Front Subframe Rail Doubler, Left - Mustang (x 1)
  • Front Subframe Rail Doubler, Right - Mustang (x 1)
  • Front Subframe Rail Doubler Closeout - Mustang (x 2)
  • Template - Subframe Connector Floor Pan Cut-Out, 1964.5-70 Mustang (x 1)
  • Template - Subframe Connector Seat Riser, 1964.5-70 Mustang (x 1)
  • Box 36x6x6 (x 1)
  • Instruction - 1964.5-70 Mustang Subframe Connectors (x 1)
  • Made in the USA, Large Decal - 2x3 (x 1)
  • Package (x 0)

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Rodger From San Pedro, CA
Requires some fabrication skill, but adds a lot of beef!
December 11, 2020
I'm surprised I'm the first person writing a review on these, but here goes!

My car is a '65 coupe that was originally a 6-cyl car. As I've gotten more familiar with the early Mustangs, I'm seeing how they're made of basically nothing - and mine with no torque boxes from the factory seemed more and more flimsy the more I looked at it. I considered some of the full-frame chassis solutions out there, but I decided to go with the Detroit Speed route primarily because the full frames seem to hang too low for my taste and change the look of the car while the Detroit Speed stuff tucks up nicely and keeps it looking mostly stock.

As for the kit itself, it is fairly basic - some rectangle tube and folded up steel doublers, but it does the job and I like how much beef it adds to the structure. If you've got some reasonable fabrication skills and are a competent MIG welder, you'll be fine with the install, however it would be challenging for a novice. The fact that this is a heavily welded-in kit is what made it attractive to me, because now that I added front torque boxes, these subframe connectors, and the Detroit Speed rear torque boxes (which are required for the subframe connectors to work), the car is going to be significantly stiffer and ready for whatever motor I decide to throw at it.
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