Detroit Speed QUADRALink Rear Suspension Kit - (1964.5-70 Mustang - Base Shocks)
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Detroit Speed QUADRALink Rear Suspension Kit - (1964.5-70 Mustang - Base Shocks)

Product Code: 041731

Note: If you plan to order a complete rear-end assembly, please order your QUADRALink Kit without axle brackets.

This is a great way to upgrade from original leaf spring suspension. Unlike our competitors, our exclusive 4-link geometry design is uncompromised to achieve the best possible handling. The Detroit Speed “Swivel-Link™” (Patent No. 7,398,984) allows the suspension to fully articulate with smooth solid motion with no binding. The best feature is that this is achieved without heim-joints. Heim-joints are noisy and wear out fast. The Detroit Speed, Inc. QUADRALink utilizes tuned high-durometer rubber bushings (in place of heim joints or squeaky urethane bushings). The long upper links provide great pinion and u-joint angle control. Contrary to competitors’ kits, our kit utilizes a panhard rod that provides precise and effective rear axle lateral location during hard cornering. The panhard rod is adjustable as ride height changes for roll center control. Also included is a rear sway bar. The sway bar is powdercoated gloss black and includes end links, bushings, and mounting brackets for installation. Don’t settle for anything less than Detroit Speed’s QUADRALink rear suspension!

Detroit Speed QUADRALink Features

• No compromises in suspension geometry
• Detroit Speed exclusive no-bind “Swivel-Link™” (Patent No. 7,398,984) technology
• With the Swivel-Links™ pinion angle and/or wheelbase can be adjusted without unbolting the link from the car.
• Designed to work with Detroit Speed Mustang Mini-Tubs
• DSE/JRi Aluminum body coilover shocks with ‘Detroit Tuned’ valving
• Coilover Springs
• Upper floor pan crossmember assembly significantly stiffens rear body and frame section
• Long panhard rod for rear axle lateral control during hard cornering
• Adjustable mounting points for correct geometry at different ride heights
• Includes .750” OD x .156” wall rear sway bar
• Designed for a 3” Exhaust
• Spanner Tool for easy shock adjustments
• All links are powdercoated satin black

Spring Rate: 175lbs/in
Spring Free Length: 11in

Note: Axle brackets require a 3" axle tube.

USD $3,384.95
Retail price: USD $3,384.95
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