Speed Kit 3 Rear Suspension Kit - (1979-93 Mustang / 1979-86 Capri)
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Speed Kit 3 Rear Suspension Kit - (1979-93 Mustang / 1979-86 Capri)

Product Code: 041647

Coming Fall 2020

Additional shock options and Speed Kits will be available soon. Images shown are for illustration purposes and are subject to change.

Detroit Speed is proud to offer new rear suspension systems for the 1979-93 Fox Body Mustang and 1979-86 Capris this fall. This kit is designed as 100% bolt-on, making it easy to upgrade your vehicle for any driving condition.

What sets this Detroit Speed rear suspension system apart from the others is all the considerations that went into the design. Not only does this kit fix common issues seen in the Fox Body platform, it improves suspension geometry, ride quality and driving characteristics without sacrificing appearance. With the Speed Kit 3, you can expect improved traction, stability, and lower driveline vibrations, giving you more confidence for spirited driving. This kit was designed for daily driving, dragstrip, autocross and track use.

  • Modular design allows components to bolt-on individually or all at once
  • Bolt-on tubular sway bar mounts directly to the chassis and axle - more effective than factory bar
  • Bolt-on track bar adds a critical link to keep the rear axle centered and stable during hard cornering - absent from the stock Fox Body Mustang
  • Bolt-on coilover conversion relocates the springs/shocks to the inside of the frame rail for maximum strength and wheel/tire clearance
  • “Detroit-Tuned” coilover springs/shocks optimized for modern ride quality, handling and ride-height adjustment
  • Bolt-on Detroit Speed Swivel-Links™ are stronger than factory control arms and eliminate bind, allowing the rear suspension to fully articulate
  • Easily adjust wheelbase and pinion angle without unbolting Swivel-Links from the car for improved traction and lower driveline vibrations
  • Provides clearance for custom exhaust up to 3" (depending on tire and mini-tub width, fuel tank modification may be required)
  • Laser-cut brackets compatible with original frames and axles

Speed Kit 3 Includes:
  • Adjustable track bar kit
  • Sway bar kit
  • Coilover conversion kit
  • Swivel-Link kit
The Detroit Speed Swivel-Link allows for 360° of rotation on one end of the link. This eliminates binding in the stock suspension by allowing each link to fully articulate, letting the rear tires stay planted during spirited driving. Our Swivel Links feature high durometer rubber bushings to give a controlled, comfortable ride quality, unlike heim joints that are noisy and can wear prematurely. The Swivel-Link has been through rigorous lab testing, and more than a decade of intense street and track driving by our customers and employees. Learn more here

We will also offer a Track Bar to positively locate the rear axle. The original design of the Fox body rear suspension allows a significant amount of lateral movement (side to side) during hard cornering. With modern wide, sticky street tires, you can see up to 2” of rear axle deflection during aggressive driving. Our track bar kit uses modern cross axis pivot bushings which effectively eliminates this movement and relocates the rear roll center.

Our rear suspension allows the use of up to a 2-1/2” exhaust past the rear axle while using up to a 315 tire size with our mini-tubs. If you want to run a 3” exhaust past the rear axle with a 315 tire, modification of the fuel tank is required.

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