Detroit Speed QUADRALink Rear Suspension Kit - (1967-69 Camaro / Firebird - Base Shocks)
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Detroit Speed QUADRALink Rear Suspension Kit - (1967-69 Camaro / Firebird - Base Shocks)

Product Code: 041703

Note: If you plan to order a complete rear-end assembly, please order your QUADRALink Kit without axle brackets.

This is a great way to upgrade from original leaf spring suspension. Unlike our competitors, Detroit Speed's exclusive new 4-link geometry design is uncompromised to achieve the best possible handling. The Detroit Speed "Swivel-Link™" (Patent No. 7,398,984) allows the suspension to fully articulate with smooth solid motion an no binding. The best feature is that this is achieved without heim-joints. Heim-joints are noisy and prone to short-term life. The Detroit Speed QUADRALink utilizes tuned high-durometer rubber bushings (in place of heim joints or squeaky urethane bushings). The long upper links provide great pinion and u-joint angle control. Contrary to competitors' kits, our kit utilizes a panhard rod that provides precise and effective rear axle lateral location during hard cornering. The panhard rod is adjustable as ride height changes for roll center control. The rear upper shock crossmember strengthens the rear body and frame section. Don't settle for anything less than our QUADRALink rear suspension!

QUADRALink Features:
• No compromises in suspension geometry
• Designed to work with Detroit Speed Mini-Tubs or stock tubs (please specify)
• Great ride
• Detroit Speed exclusive no-bind “Swivel-Link™” (Patented) technology
• With the Swivel-Links™ pinion angle and/or wheelbase can be adjusted without unbolting the link from the car
• High durometer rubber bushings, no heim joints to wear out and make noise
• Long upper arms for pinion angle control
• Improved anti-squat geometry
• Long panhard rod for rear axle lateral control during hard cornering
• Stock back seat can still be used
• DSE/JRi aluminum body coilover shocks with 'Detroit Tuned' valving
• Coilover Springs
• Lower links are offset inboard for additional tire clearance
• Spanner Tool for easy shock adjustments
• All links are powdercoated black

Spring Rate: 250lbs/in
Spring Free Length: 8in

NOTE: Axle brackets require a 3" axle tube.

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USD $2,756.00
Retail price: USD $2,756.00
This kit contains:
  • Coilover Shock - Non-Adj. (Each)..- Rear Quadra-Link..- 1967-69 F-Body ..- 1970-81 Camaro..- 1968-1 (x 2)
  • 1967-1969 F-Body QUADRA-Link Box 1 Crossmember / Track bar (x 1)
  • Quadra-Link Box 2 Upper & Lower Links (x 1)
  • 1967-1969 Camaro Quadra-Link Box 3 (x 1)
  • 1967-1969 Camaro / 1968-1974 Nova Quadra-Link Box 4 Axle Brackets (x 1)
  • Detroit Speed Replacement Coilover Springs - (8"x2.5" I.D. - 250lb / in - Pair) (x 1)

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Craig Tolliver From United States Washington
Top notch
April 2, 2020
I have a 1969 Camaro I have owned for 31 years. I started my build about 5 years ago and every component I have purchased from Detroit Speed has fit great and quality is top notch. I'm a fabricator by trade and know good quality when I see it. I wish I could afford the subframe. I cant wait to drive this car and feel the difference between stock and Detroit Speed equipped. Thanks for the great products. I have called several times with questions. Sometimes nothing to do with a product and they are still happy to help.
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Jason Mitchell From United States
1st Gen QuadraLink
June 7, 2019
My 1969 Camaro is the second 1st Gen I have owned with a QuadraLink. The QuadraLink is a great upgrade for any leaf spring car. My 1968 Camaro started out as a stock leaf spring car that didn't ride that well and handled even worse. My first round of upgrades to that car was a set of DSE 3" drop leaf springs and Koni shocks. This was a huge improvement in looks, handling, and ride quality over the stock set up. After having the car on road for a couple of years I decided to make the change to a QuadraLink. The QuadraLink really took my car to the next level. The ride quality and adjustability made this a well worth while upgrade even over the very good DSE leaf kit.

When it came time to pick the suspension for my 1969 Camaro there was no other choice but a QuadraLink and Hydroformed Subframe.

I have been a loyal DSE customer since 2001. The reason I am loyal customer 18 years later is because of the way DSE treats their customers. Back in 2001 as broke college kid I drove to DSE in Brighton, MI to buy an electric fan for my 67 Camaro. I was given a full shop tour and treated like I was buying everything in the catalog. As a college kid buying a $100 fan this made a big impression on me.

I will continue to use DSE parts on my builds whenever possible not only because they make the best parts in the business, but because they treat their customers the same whether you're buying a $100 fan or everything in their catalog for a high end pro touring car.
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