Aluma-Frame Front Suspension System - (1964.5-70 Mustang - Base Shocks - Ford 5x4.5" Bolt Pattern)
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Aluma-Frame Front Suspension System - (1964.5-70 Mustang - Base Shocks - Ford 5x4.5" Bolt Pattern)

Product Code: 032050

All aluminum front suspension system for 1964.5 -1970 Mustangs featuring Detroit Speed’s unique suspension geometry with 6” of suspension travel for the ultimate in ride and performance.

Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame Features:
• Unique cast aluminum cradle and mounting components resulting in a high strength to weight ratio and precise fitment
• Tubular upper and lower control arms
• ‘Detroit Tuned’ rack and pinion steering
• Detroit Speed/JRi aluminum coilover shocks with 'Detroit Tuned' valving available in fixed valve, single adjustable, double adjustable, or remote canister double
adjustable versions
• Torrington Bearings
• Splined integrated style Anti-roll bar
• Detroit Speed’s Speed-LIGN caster/camber adjusters allow a wide range of adjustability to be made precisely and quickly without needing any
additional shims
• Utilizes aluminum uprights and hub packs with a Ford 5" x 4-1/2" bolt pattern
• Can fit up to P265/35R18 tires on a 9” rim on early models and up to P295/35R18 tires on a 10.5” rim on later models
• Retains stock framerails and inner fenders and only requires a small amount of fabrication for installation
• Engine mount kits available for Ford small block Windsor engines, Ford FE big block engines, Ford 4.6, 5.4, and Coyote 5.0 modular engines including the
Boss 302; as well as, GM LS engines
• Spanner Tool for easy shock adjustments
• Forged Detroit Speed Spindle
• Composite Anti-Roll Bar Bushings

Spring Rate: 400lbs/in
Spring Free Length: 10in

Base Shock:
The DSE/JRI ‘Detroit Tuned’ base shock is a ‘pure blood pedigree’ racing shock in its most efficient form as a non-adjustable unit. Although non-adjustable, it shares all the increased dynamic responses of all the JRI adjustable models while providing excellent ride quality on the street.

Note: Sway bar arms are satin black, upper and lower control arms are gloss black.

Note: Must use at least 17” wheels that require a minimum inside wheel diameter of 16.250".

Note: The Aluma-Frame will need to be modified to clear the alternator on the Coyote engine application. Detroit Speed offers an alternator relocation bracket, P/N 060436 that will be required along with modifying the Aluma-Frame to fit the Coyote engine. Please call to order.

Note: For competition applications, the Detroit Speed rack & pinion fluid transfer conversion kit will replace the hardlines on your Detroit Speed rack & pinion using -4 AN steel fittings. The hoses are Teflon lined to handle the high pressure demands of the steering system and come with pre-crimped stainless steel fittings to attach to the -4 AN fittings. See upgrades below.

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USD $7,499.95
Retail price: USD $7,499.95
This kit contains:

Total Suspension Travel:

Ride Height:

1.0" ±1.0"

Static Camber:

-0.5° ±.2°

Static Caster:

8.0° ±.5°

Static Toe:
0° ±.1°

Total Bumpsteer (28" toe span):


Turning Angle:

Ackerman Angle (@ 15° turning angle):

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Juan Orozco From California
67 Mustang Alumaframe
July 18, 2019
I was searching for different kits that would allow me to Coyote Swap my fastback. After tons, and I mean tons of research I choose the Detroit Speed Alumaframe.

Let me start by saying the quality/engineering on these parts are amazing!!! You definitely get what you pay for . Makes all the other coyote swap suspension look like trash. It wasn't hard to put the kit together myself either.

The kit came with instructions on how to put it together and they are very very detailed!. Even if there was something I didn't understand I called their Tech support and they were more then willing to help me out and didn't make me feel like I was wasting their time.

I have had other front suspensions on my car but this time this one will be staying in for good!. The way it makes my car handle is amazing . I take my car out to the canyons and it hugs every corner like it was glued to the ground. I also take it to car shows and get so many compliments on the looks of it as well. It's a extremely well performing product and it also looks awesome!! I'm writing this review almost three years after purchase and I have not one regret purchasing the Alumaframe. The only regret I have is not buying it sooner.

Instagram - @67LNR
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Matt Alcala, Best of Show Coachworks From United States
June 6, 2019
I purchased one of the very first Detroit Speed Aluma-Frames, as soon as it was announced in 2011. The Aluma-frame is a clean sheet design, which is ideal for pro touring Mustangs, as it offers great under hood packaging and performance. First and foremost, it allows for fitment of a Coyote engine with supporting accessories and headers. Second, the Aluma-Frame does away with all of the factory suspension's shortcomings. Thanks to use of an Aluminum K member with a front mounted rack and pinion with a double wishbone control arm design, and C6 based spindles, the Aluma Frame has modern performance suspension geometry with greatly improved steering response. The design also offers deeper wheel backspacing for much larger wheels and tires than would be possible on a stock or basic aftermarket setup. Those planning on using Coyote engines should also purchase DSE’s factory alternator relocation bracket as aftermarket alternators that fit are either too small to produce sufficient amperage at idle, or cannot work reliable at high RPM.

JRi shocks are standard equipment. With the use of racing technology and a shock design lightyears ahead of most other shocks for hot rods and muscle cars, JRis, especially the double adjustables, allow for a ride that is controlled and compliant for comfort on the street, while still possessing the damping characteristics to run competitively on track. Those planning to take their cars on a track or autocross should upgrade to double adjustables.

Lastly, while the Aluma-frame is not a quick, “bolt in” kit, the instructions provided are very detailed and straightforward, while the high quality of components meant there were few issues making or modifying parts to fit.

After 20k+ miles on the street and track in our 1965 Mustang shop car, I have absolutely zero complaints, and am excited for the next 20k+ miles with road trips to Good Guys events, and to tracks like Sonoma and Laguna Seca!
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