AP Service - Bedding Of Rotor & Pads
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AP Service - Bedding Of Rotor & Pads

Product Code: AP BEDDING

If your rotors aren’t being properly prepared for driver abuse by experienced technicians, you’re not only leaving performance on the table, you’re exposing yourself to potential judder, vibration, and rotor cracking issues.

You’re also wasting time and money. Track time is expensive. The more time you spend behind the wheel performing an elaborate pad and rotor break-in procedure, the less time you’ll spend gathering real data and preparing for the race.

Essex burnishes thousands of discs for the top teams each year, and we’re intimately familiar with all of the available pad and rotor combos. After countless hours of experimentation, and extensive feedback from the top drivers and teams, we can squeeze the most reliable performance out of each setup on the market.

We’ll work with you to develop a custom burnishing procedure for your specific setup.

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