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Author: Detroit Speed | 06/25/2020 < Back to Blog Home

@Camaro.Family is turning their 1986 Camaro into a Pro-Touring Daily Driver

Instagram’s largest Camaro account,, run by friends Tony Huntimer and Scott Timmons, has recently added a Third-Gen Camaro to their collection of project Camaros. The Third-Gen project is a bone-stock 1986 IROC Z28 with a 305 TPI, backed by an automatic transmission. It’s destined to be Tony’s daily driver, so when the project was to be named, members of their 400,000+ audience voted for the name #IROCdaily.

Tony and Scott have serious upgrades planned for #IROCdaily, but the first order of business is to update the suspension with the best bolt-on 1982-92 Camaro suspension available today. Tony chose to work with Detroit Speed due to his longstanding relationship with Kyle and the team at Detroit Speed. He was one of the first Detroit Speed supporters nearly 20 years ago, and continues to follow the Company for its quality products, personable team, and brand reputation. Check out the parts Camaro.Family will be installing on #IROCdaily below, and learn more about Detroit Speed's unique Front and Rear Speed Kits, the Company's commitment to quality, and the performance capabilities of the components designed specifically for the 1982-92 Camaro platform. You can also follow the build on Instagram @Camaro.Family or Facebook @Camarodotfamily.

One of the reasons this IROC was chosen as Tony’s daily driver was because he doesn’t have many regrets in life, but one of them is selling his red 1985 IROC back in 1990. IROCdaily is a good way to relive those great memories, but with a new twist! Better performance in all aspects, especially in the cornering department!

-Tony & Scott

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