Detroit Speed 1979-93 Mustang Install - EXO Brace

Author: Detroit Speed | 01/21/2021 < Back to Blog Home

Watch as Detroit Speed Engineering and Technical Sales Associate, Dan Oddy and Product Engineer Blake Tomlinson walk you through the installation of our Fox Body EXO Brace on a 1979-93 Mustang.

The Detroit Speed EXO Brace fixes a notorious failure point on the Fox Body platform. This is the point where the upper links mount to the chassis. The factory torque boxes weaken over time and are known to tear or even rip completely out of the vehicle. Losing an upper link mount can result in unpredictable handling and is dangerous at any speed. Detroit Speed has developed an effective bolt-on (or weld-in) solution that improves the rigidity of the torque box, prevents damage to the chassis, and improves the safety of the vehicle. It ties the link pockets into the frame & floor pan on both sides & connects the two boxes side-to-side with a telescoping feature. The Detroit Speed EXO Brace kit is a highly recommended addition to any Fox Body Mustang - especially those that are driven hard with higher horsepower.

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