Author: Detroit Speed | 03/19/2020 < Back to Blog Home

Detroit Speed, Inc. Paint & Body Specialists Michael Neighbors and Austin Moore laid it down on Jeff Mosing's 1965 Buick Riviera and the results are impressive. This paint job consists of 4 coats of Ferrari Rosso Mugello (PPG# 919506) base sprayed from a SATA Jet 1500 B HVLP with an Adam 2 digital pressure gauge. After the base, 5 coats of DCU2021 are sprayed from a SATA Jet X 5500 RP with Adam 2 digital pressure gauge as well. The icing on the cake is utilizing the SATA RPS cup system to make prepping a breeze. The key to any perfect paint job is all in the prep. To ensure we don't get paint where we don't want it, that's where IPG tape with Norton Paint Check paper comes into play. We also need to make sure that our air is clean, so Ingersoll Rand compressors provide clean air through a SATA filter system.