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Watch as Detroit Speed Engineering and Technical Sales Associate, Dan Oddy and Product Engineer Blake Tomlinson walk you through the installation of our Swivel-Link™ Rear Suspension Kit on a 1979-93 Mustang.

The Detroit Speed Swivel-Link™ Rear Suspension Kit eliminates bind and allow the suspension to fully articulate without the use of noisy spherical rod ends. Swivel-Link™ rear links allow for easy pinion angle adjustment without unbolting from the car for improved traction, lower driveline vibrations. The Fox Body Mustang Swivel-Link™ Kit comes with new hardware and directly bolts on to replace the factory links. A coilover conversion kit is required before installing Swivel-Link™ kit, as there is no spring perch on the links like on the factory arm.

Learn more about a Swivel-Link™ Rear Suspension Kit for your 1979-93 Fox Body Mustang

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