Corvette C6 Rear Brake Pad Kit - (Race)
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Corvette C6 Rear Brake Pad Kit - (Race)

Product Code: AP 11 FRP3018WB

DS1.11 Compound - Race

The DS1.11 is one of Ferodo Racing's latest endurance race pad offerings. It has slightly less bite at high temps. vs their older DS3000, but doesn't decompose nearly as quickly under extended heavy use on the track. The DS1.11 is known for its extremely flat torque curve, which means that as temperatures go up, the response through the brake pedal remains consistent. The DS1.11 can be thrashed all day without having it burn up or fade, it's easy on discs, and doesn't have many of the judder or vibration issues that competing products have. If you want an extremely solid, all around race pad that will perform well and last a long time, the DS1.11 is the perfect choice.

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