Speed Kit 3 Rear Suspension Kit - (1979-93 Mustang / 1979-86 Capri - Base Shocks)
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Speed Kit 3 Rear Suspension Kit - (1979-93 Mustang / 1979-86 Capri - Base Shocks)

Product Code: 041647

Coming Fall 2020

What sets this Detroit Speed rear suspension system apart from the others is all the considerations that went into the design. Not only does this kit fix common issues seen in the Fox Body platform, it improves suspension geometry, ride quality and driving characteristics without sacrificing appearance. With the Speed Kit 3, you can expect improved traction, stability, and lower driveline vibrations, giving you more confidence for spirited driving. This kit was designed for daily driving, dragstrip, autocross and track use. This kit combines our Rear Coilover Conversion, Swivel-Link™, Rear Sway Bar, and Adjustable Track Bar Kits.

The Detroit Speed Coilover Conversion Kit allows the latest in coilover spring/shock technology to be bolted on to any Fox Body Mustang, bringing your classic's handling and ride into the 21st Century with our 'Detroit-Tuned' valving. The springs are removed from the lower control arms and shocks mounts are relocated into the frame rail for maximum strength and wheel/tire clearance. Once coilover conversion is complete, Detroit Speed Mini-Tubs may be installed in the car at any time.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bolt-on coilover conversion relocates the springs/shocks to the frame rail for maximum strength and wheel/tire clearance
  • “Detroit-Tuned” coilover springs/shocks optimized for modern ride quality, handling and ride-height adjustment
  • Provides clearance for custom exhaust up to 3" (depending on tire and mini-tub width, fuel tank modification may be required)
  • Laser-cut brackets compatible with original frames and axles
The Detroit Speed Swivel-Link™ Rear Suspension Kit eliminates bind and allow the suspension to fully articulate without the use of noisy spherical rod ends. Swivel-Link™ rear links allow for easy pinion angle adjustment without unbolting from the car for improved traction, lower driveline vibrations. The Fox Body Mustang Swivel-Link™ Kit comes with new hardware and directly bolts on to replace the factory links. A coilover conversion kit is required before installing Swivel-Link™ kit, as there is no spring perch on the links like on the factory arm.

Features & Benefits:
  • Bolt-on Detroit Speed Swivel-Links™ are stronger than factory control arms and eliminate bind, allowing the rear suspension to fully articulate
  • Easily adjust wheelbase and pinion angle without unbolting Swivel-Links™ from the car for improved traction and lower driveline vibrations

The Detroit Speed Fox Body Mustang Sway Bar offers multiple advantages over the non-effective stock rear bar. Detroit Speed sway bars attach to the rear end housing and the frame rail, where the stock bar only connects to the lower suspension links. By using the chassis to stabilize the rear axle as opposed to the opposing link, the deflection of the vehicle under heavy cornering is minimized. Detroit Speed sway bars mount with a low-friction ball-style end-link, allowing free articulation of the bar, eliminating binding through the range of rear suspension travel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bolt-on tubular sway bar mounts directly to the chassis and axle - more effective than factory bar
  • 3/4" sway bar diameter
The Detroit Speed Fox Body Mustang Adjustable Track Bar Kit adds a critical link to keep the rear axle stable during hard cornering. The factory 4-link is completely ineffective at locating the axle side-to-side as the suspension arms travel vertically. The addition of a Detroit Speed Track Bar to the Fox Body Mustang will prevent the axle from wandering unpredictably. The track bar connects to the rear axle to the chassis of the vehicle, which helps keep the axle centered under the chassis during suspension travel. This gives the driver better grip and acceleration off the line and more confidence in the corners. The track bar brackets bolt-on through holes added into the frame rail and U-Bolts to the factory 8.8 rear axle.

Features & Benefits:
  • Bolt-on track bar adds a critical link to keep the rear axle centered and stable during hard cornering - absent from the stock Fox Body Mustang

USD $3,300.00
Retail price: USD $3,300.00
This kit contains:
  • Swivel-Link™ Rear Suspension Kit - (1979-93 Mustang / 1979-86 Capri) (x 1)
  • Adjustable Track Bar Kit - (1979-93 Mustang / 1979-86 Capri) (x 1)
  • Rear Sway Bar Kit - (1979-93 Mustang / 1979-86 Capri - 3 / 4" Diameter) (x 1)
  • Rear Coilover Conversion Kit - (1979-93 Mustang / 1979-86 Capri - Base Shocks) (x 1)
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