Chevrolet Chevelle - 1973-1977

The oft-forgotten 73-77 A-Body comes from an era where the government had begun putting the clamps on 60s era powerplants to make them emissions compliant for a new era in the automotive industry. While lacking in power, the platform itself still has great potential. With modern engine swaps becoming a bolt-in affair and DSE suspension and chassis products giving them world-class handling capabilities, these A-Bodies are a great base for performance builds.

DSE Speed Kit 2 - Front

  • Our exclusive Detroit Speed A-Body Speed Kits are designed to work as an integrated system on your vehicle
  • By utilizing our proven Detroit Speed components and carefully selecting components designed to complement each other, each speed kit is for your driving needs with the ease of a bolt-on package
  • Speed Kit 2 takes performance to the next level with coilover shocks and springs that provide ride height adjustment
  • Spring Rate: 600 lbs/in
  • Spring Free Length: 9.5in
DSE Speed Kit 2 - Front

DSE Speed Kit 2 - Rear

  • Designed to make your A-Body maintain optimum geometry and tire contact through the full range of rear suspension travel
  • Through the use of our patented Swivel Links™, the rear end housing becomes fully articulated, without the use of noisy spherical heim joints
  • With the Swivel-Links™ pinion angle and/or wheelbase can be adjusted without unbolting the link from the car
  • The Detroit Speed tubular rear sway bar attaches to the chassis for a substantial improvement in cornering ability
  • Our rear Speed Kit springs, shock absorbers, and sway bars are designed to complement the front Detroit Speed Kits, giving your classic contemporary handling and ride quality on par with the latest modern muscle cars
  • Spring Rate: 150 lbs/in
  • Spring Free Length: 15.75in
DSE Speed Kit 2 - Rear

DSE Coilover Conversion Kit - Front

  • Detroit Speed A-Body Coilover Conversion Kit allows the latest in coilover spring/shock technology to be bolted on to any A-Body, bringing your classic's handling and ride into the 21st century with our 'Detroit Tuned' valving
  • The base coilover package offers extensive ride height adjustability and is optimized around a 2" drop from stock height
  • Spring Rate: 575 lbs/in
  • Spring Free Length: 9.5in
View Detroit Speed Front Coilover Conversion Kit - SBC/LS
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