Pontiac Firebird - 1982-1992

The 3rd Generation Firebird was designed with an emphasis on efficiency following two fuel crises. The Firebird shed a significant amount of weight and featured one of the most aerodynamic shapes in production at the time. While the efficiency target was a success, these design choices made for a great chassis to bolt Detroit Speed products on to unlock more performance than GM could've ever anticipated.

DSE Subframe Connectors

  • Increase the car's stiffness by connecting front and rear torque box structures
  • Fabricated from 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" x .083" wall steel tubing
  • The connectors do not hang lower than the rocker pinch flange so ground clearance is unaffected
  • Laser cut brackets are included to attach the front and rear of the connector tubes to the torque box structures
  • Includes new seat belt brackets that are stronger than stock and provide mounting points for the stock belt system or a race style lap belt
DSE Subframe Connectors

DSE Quadralink Rear Suspension

  • The Detroit Speed Inc. QUADRALink Rear Suspension Kit, eliminates the factory torque arm configuration
  • It is designed to work with your aftermarket rear axle housing with 3" axle tubes
  • It features no-compromise suspension geometry and all links are independently adjustable
  • The kit adds upper link mounts to stock unibody structure and lower links are re-located on the axle using adjustable adapter brackets
  • The new Detroit Speed adjustable track bar features cross-axis pivot bushings
  • Upper and lower links features Detroit Speed "Swivel-Link" technology
DSE Quadralink Rear Suspension

DSE Strut Conversion Kit

  • The Detroit Speed/JRI Front Strut Kit front strut kit is a high-performance aluminum strut body with "Detroit Tuned" valving
  • The kit is a direct bolt-on assembly that includes the Detroit Speed caster/camber plate kit
  • An adjustable aluminum spindle bracket allows independent tuning of strut travel in relationship to vehicle ride height
  • The top spindle mounting uses removable hole inserts allowing wheel camber to be adjusted in 1/16" increments and is available in single or double adjustable versions
DSE Strut Conversion Kit
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