Pontiac Ventura - 1971-1974

In 1968, GM unveiled its compact rear-wheel drive platform known as the X-Body. This chassis is best known as being the basis for the Chevy Nova, but other GM brands got a piece of it as well with the Pontiac Ventura, Oldsmobile Omega, and the Buick Apollo. Thanks to the X-Body's lightness and good balance, this is a superb platform to bolt DSE goodies onto and use as the basis for your street rod, autocross machine, or jack of all trades weekend ripper.

DSE Speed Kit 2 - Front

  • Kit includes tubular control arms, coil springs, adjustable shocks, and front sway bar
  • Detroit Speed front suspension kits combine our individual products into a system designed for your vehicle
  • Speed Kit 2 improves the handling performance to the next level and offers ride height adjustment
  • Spring Rate: 550lbs/in
  • Spring Free Length: 10in
DSE Speed Kit 2 - Front

DSE Quadralink Rear Suspension Kit

  • No compromises in suspension geometry
  • Designed to work with Detroit Speed Mini-Tubs or stock tubs (please specify)
  • Great ride
  • Detroit Speed exclusive no-bind "Swivel-Link™" (Patented) technology
  • With the Swivel-Links™ pinion angle and/or wheelbase can be adjusted without unbolting the link from the car
  • High durometer rubber bushings, no heim joints to wear out and make noise
  • Long upper arms for pinion angle control
  • Improved anti-squat geometry
  • Long panhard rod for rear axle lateral control during hard cornering
  • Stock back seat can still be used
  • DSE/JRi aluminum body coilover shocks with 'Detroit Tuned' valving
  • Coilover Springs
  • Lower links are offset inboard for additional tire clearance
  • Spanner Tool for easy shock adjustments
  • All links are powdercoated black
DSE Quadralink Rear Suspension Kit

DSE Tubular Lower Control Arms

  • Robust tubular design with gussets and cross brace
  • Delrin™ bushings with steel housings and crush tubes
  • The geometry features include additional positive caster and a dropped spring pocket
  • CNC-machined tube ends for precision fits
  • TIG welded in a fixture for accuracy and repeatability of geometry
  • black powder coated finish
DSE Tubular Lower Control Arms
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