Chevy II Front Frame

Detroit Speed’s Chevy II Front Frame was designed as a bolt-in replacement for the original stock suspension. It is the only Chevy II front frame in the aftermarket industry with OEM-quality stamped crossmembers for improved structural rigidity.

Engineered to not just improve the structural integrity of the Chevy II front suspension, this kit utilizes Detroit Speed’s unique suspension geometry to significantly improve the handling and ride quality, allowing your car to perform with modern-day expectations. The downbars feature rigid, integral hood hinge mounts that are hidden when used with Detroit Speed’s Chevy II inner fenders.

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    Chevy II Subframe Specifications
    Total Suspension Travel 6"
    Flange-to-Flange Distance (without rotors)53.4"
    Flange-to-Flange Distance (with Baer rotors) 54.0"
    Ride Height* 1.5" ± 1.0"
    Static Camber-0.5° ± 0.2°
    Static Caster+7.0° ± 0.5°
    Static Toe0.0° ± 0.1°
    Turning Angle30.5°
    Ackerman Angle2.7°
    Spring Rate400lb/in
    Spring Free Length10"
    Total Bump Steer, 28" Toe-Span0.49"

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