The Detroit Speed SpeedRay™ Front Suspension is designed for the 1963-82 C2/C3 Corvettes. It utilizes exclusive Detroit Speed suspension geometry for superior handling and ride quality. It is available as a 100% bolt-on system or with a small amount of fabrication for a competition coilover option that allows for faster spring changes. The bolt-on powdercoated front cradle assembly improves suspension geometry, provides rigid mounting for the rack and pinion, and includes integrated tie down eyelets. The body and engine do not need to be removed for installation of the SpeedRay front suspension.
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    Speedray Geometry Specifications
    Total Suspension Travel6"
    Flange-to-Flange Distance (without rotors)*56.65"
    Flange-to-Flange Distance (with Baer rotors)*57.25"
    Ride Height**7.6" ± 1.0"
    Static Camber-0.5° ± 0.2°
    Static Caster+7.5° ± 0.5°
    Static Toe0.0° ± 0.1°
    Steering Ratio13:1
    Steering Wheel Turns Lock to Lock2
    Max Turning Angle (Outside wheel)27.5°
    Ackerman Angle (Full turn)5.2°
    Total Bump Steer, 20" Toe-Span0.039"

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    A complete front suspension solution for 1963-82 C2/C3 Corvettes!