Corvette IRS in a C10?! - Scott's 1967 C10


You read that right, Scott's 1967 C10 has a Corvette IRS with our Detroit Speed DECAlink™ suspension system! Check out the video with Project Fabricator Matt Butts to go front to rear on this build and learn what we did to add some Pro-Touring flair to this classic American truck. We went from mild street truck to wild street truck.


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Detroit Speed Shop Tour Presented by BFGoodrich Tires - April 2020


Our friends at @BFGoodrich reached out to us and wanted to see what's been going on at @Detroit Speed, Inc. lately! Kyle Tucker walks around the Project Shop to show you what the crew has been building and what we've been storing up at at the Test Car Shop.


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Unboxing the Dodge Daytona Engine!


We wanted Chris' Dodge Daytona build to be something special, so we had to get a special engine. So we were put in touch with Dodge so we can shoehorn the most powerful Mopar crate engine between the hydroformed frame rails. That's right, we got Chris a 426ci Hellephant crate engine! Unveiled at the SEMA Show 2019, this Mopar crate boasts some pretty impressive numbers.


Painting Jeff's 1965 Buick Riviera - Detroit Speed, Inc.


?Detroit Speed, Inc. Paint & Body Specialists Michael Neighbors and Austin Moore laid it down on Jeff Mosing's 1965 Buick Riviera and the results are impressive. This paint job consists of 4 coats of Ferrari Rosso Mugello (PPG# 919506) base sprayed from a SATA Jet 1500 B HVLP with an Adam 2 digital pressure gauge. After the base, 5 coats of DCU2021 are sprayed from a SATA Jet X 5500 RP with Adam 2 digital pressure gauge as well. The icing on the cake is utilizing the SATA RPS cup system to make prepping a breeze. The key to any perfect paint job is all in the prep. To ensure we don't get paint where we don't want it, that's where IPG tape with Norton Paint Check paper comes into play. We also need to make sure that our air is clean, so Ingersoll Rand compressors provide clean air through a SATA filter system.


Dave Tucker 1969 Camaro Unveil/First Start - Detroit Speed, Inc.


Dave Tucker stopped in today so we can show him his 1969 Camaro as a running/driving car for the first time. Check it out and listen to that 572ci Chevrolet Big Block rumble. Detroit Speed Products used:


- Hydroformed Subframe (Single Adjustable JRI Shocks)

- Subframe Connectors

- Mini-Tubs

- Mini-Tub Trunk Closeout Kit

- QUADRALink Rear Suspension (Single Adjustable JRI Shocks)

- Selecta-Speed™ Wiper Motor

- Electric RS Headlight Kit

- Fender Brace Kit

- Roll Cage Kit



Hydroformed Subframe Timelapse 2020


Built with pride in the USA! Detroit Speed’s front subframe is a bolt-in replacement for the original stock subframe. It improves the handling and ride quality by utilizing Detroit Speed’s unique suspension geometry. It is the ONLY subframe in the aftermarket industry with hydroformed frame rails. The hydroformed frame rails feature strength and stiffness, precise quality and repeatability. Hydroforming preserves the steel’s strength and stiffness because it is performed at low temperatures, unlike traditional high temperature processes which decrease material strength. This subframe ended up in Kristian Nyberg's Speed Society built 1969 Camaro.


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GM Square Body Suspension! - Detroit Speed QUADRALink Product Introduction


Detroit Speed, Inc. is proud to offer a new rear suspension system for GM Square Body truck enthusiasts! New for 2019, Detroit Speed introduces rear suspension for 1973-87 GM Square Body trucks. Continuing to reinforce thoughtfully-designed products and modern-day ride quality, we ensure each driver, whether cruising or hauling, will enjoy the look and feel of their truck.


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Project Intro - Deb's 1971 Pontiac Firebird


We've recently added Deb's 1971 Firebird to the website so we figured it was time to make an introduction. Detroit Speed Project Fab wizards Matt Butts and Blake Tomlinson are making quick work on the fab side of things, so check out what they've been doing.


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Special Delivery from Mast Motorsports - John Tarigo's 1969 C10


Paul Morgan received something special today for John Tarigo's 1969 C10 Project so we decided to walk around and see what's new. This is going to be a C10 build you don't want to miss.


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Jason Stavola's K5 Blazer - Project Update

We're about ready to hand the keys of this sweet 1971 K5 Blazer back over to Jason Stavola, so we figured it was time for a quick update on what we did.



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Bob's 1969 Corvette - Project Update


As promised, here is the latest from Bob's 1969 Corvette project here at Detroit Speed, Inc.


Detroit Speed Products used:


- Corvette SpeedRay

- Corvette DECAlink™

- Corvette Fiberglass Fender Flare Kit

- C3 Corvette Electric Headlight Door Kit

- C3 Corvette Selecta-Speed™ Wiper Kit

- C3 Corvette Stainless Steel Sidepipe Headers


Larry's 1970 Boss 302 - Project Update


New format for Project Update videos from Detroit Speed. Many requested some longer, more in-depth videos of our day-to-day operations so we hope you enjoy this video!


Detroit Speed Products used:


- Mustang Aluma-Frame

- Mustang QUADRAlink

- Mustang Mini-Tubs

- Mustang Subframe Connectors

- Mustang Selecta-Speed™ Wiper Kit