X-Gen 535 Front Suspension Module - (Powdercoated Components - Base Shocks - GM 5 x4.75" Bolt Pattern)
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X-Gen 535 Front Suspension Module - (Powdercoated Components - Base Shocks - GM 5 x4.75" Bolt Pattern)

Product Code: 032043

Detroit Speed’s X-Gen series of front suspension systems allow you to integrate Detroit Speed suspension technology into any vehicle. This complete suspension module is available with a 53.5" track width and is ready to be subbed into your application with the 2” x 4” rail sections. These are the same suspension systems found in Detroit Speed’s bolt-in front frames so they have been designed, engineered, and developed to provide the ultimate in performance on both the road and the track.

• Detroit Speed exclusive suspension geometry for superior ride and handling
• OEM quality stamped crossmembers for improved structural rigidity
• Tubular upper and lower control arms
• ‘Detroit Tuned’ aluminum body coilover shocks
• Torrington Bearings
• ‘Detroit Tuned’ power rack and pinion steering
• Caster tuner bushings which allow independent caster/camber adjustments
• Integrated splined sway bar
• Spanner Tool for easy shock adjustments

X-Gen 535 Specifications:
Track Width (Hub to Hub): 53.5"
Maximum Wheel Backspacing: 5"
Total Suspension Travel: 6"
Framerail Dimensions: 2" x 4" x .120 w
Outer to Outer Frame width: 30.5"
Framerail Length: 24.75"
Distance from Rear of Framerail to Susp. Axis: 12.25"
Nominal Ride Height: 1.5" *Measured from the top of the framerail to the center of the hub

Base Shock:
The DSE/JRi ‘Detroit Tuned’ base shock is a ‘pure blood pedigree’ racing shock in its most efficient form as a non-adjustable unit. Although non-adjustable, it shares all the increased dynamic responses of all the JRi adjustable models while providing excellent ride quality on the street.

NOTE: X-Gen series frame must ship freight

NOTE: Does not include coilover springs, spring rates and sizes vary depending on vehicle.

Note: For competition applications, the Detroit Speed rack & pinion fluid transfer conversion kit will replace the hardlines on your Detroit Speed rack & pinion using -4 AN steel fittings. The hoses are Teflon lined to handle the high pressure demands of the steering system and come with pre-crimped stainless steel fittings to attach to the -4 AN fittings. See upgrades below.

USD $6,299.95
Retail price: USD $6,299.95
This kit contains:
  • Coilover Shock - Non-Adjustable (x 2)
  • 21.5" Detroit Tuned Power Rack & Pinion - (Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame / Chevy II Front Frame) (x 1)
  • Front Frame Assembly, Bare - X-Gen 535 (x 1)
  • Lower Control Arms (Pair) - Chevy II Front Frame (Gloss Black) (x 1)
  • Upper Control Arms (Pair) - Chevy II Front Frame (Gloss Black) (x 1)
  • Sway Bar, Arms (Satin Black), Hardware Kits, Instructions - X-Gen 535 (x 1)
  • Upright Assemblies GM W / 5 on 4-3 / 4 Bolt Pattern (x 1)
  • Pallet 76x48 (x 1)
  • Package (x 0)
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