Holley LS Fest East 2017

Author: Detroit Speed | 02/27/2018 < Back to Blog Home

It’s no secret that the Chevrolet line of LS engines are continuously growing in popularity and with that, so is Holley LS Fest! Each year, Holley Performance Products and their partners host the largest event that is solely dedicated to the LS engine and it is a wild time. If you have an LS based engine in your vehicle, it is open to you for everything from drifting to drag racing and other forms of corner carving. It is THE place to be! Due to the tremendous growth in Grand Champion entries over the past couple years, there are 2 groups of competitors that will race at different locations. We started our Friday morning at Beech Bend Raceway and the afternoon took us over to the National Corvette Museum track known as NCM Motorsports Park. This was the first time the DSE-Z had seen an autocross course, so we were prepared to see what it could do. Along with running the DSE-Z, Ryan Mathews was on location to compete for Grand Champion with the DSE C3 Corvette, a MAST Motorsports LS3 powered monster. Both cars were able to run competitive times at Beech Bend and NCM all weekend despite the stiff competition of late model C5/C6/C7 Corvettes.

In order to be eligible for a Grand Champion win, you must also run your car down the Beech Bend ¼ Mile drag strip. Once the DSE-Z left the burnout box and staged, we were confident in seeing a fast time. After numerous passes on Friday night, Kyle Tucker drove the de-stroked MAST Motorsports LS7 to a blistering 11.116 second ET at 130.9mph! Being that the car is setup for road racing and autocross, that was quite an impressive time that we were more than pleased with. Ryan Mathews piloted the C3 to an 11.4 second ET with was an improvement over the times that he laid down at last year’s event. The event wraps up the weekend on Sunday with the 3S Challenge which tasks the drivers with launching abilities, tight cornering, and the requirement to end before the cones in a stop box. The catch to this event is that you are staged up against another competitor at the same time. Both the DSE-Z and C3 were able to lay down times in the 12 second range that is only less than a second off of the late model competitor times. All in all, Holley’s LS Fest is a great event to come out to and see the creativity and performance that people put into their LS-powered builds. The fact that this was also the DSE-Z’s first ever event was very significant as well to say the least. Many spectators had claimed that they made the drive to the show just to see the car in person! One of those Spectators was Justin Kazee who presented Kyle Tucker with a drawing of the Camaro that he had been working on. All of the fabrication and work that had gone into the car inspired him to let his artist talent flow and create a gorgeous piece. It is most definitely something that you’ll see hanging up in the office here!