Chevrolet Corvette - 1963-1967

The C2 Sting Ray was a large departure from its predecessor. The Corvette was now solely powered by V8 engine options and was now equipped with an independent rear suspension, two hallmarks that carry to this day. This vastly improved platform proved successful both on and off the race track.

DSE Speedray Front Suspension Kit

  • The Detroit Speed C2/C3 SPEEDRAY™ front suspension has no compromises and exclusive Detroit Speed suspension geometry for superior handling and ride quality
  • It is available as a 100% bolt-on system or with a small amount of fabrication for a competition coilover option that allows faster spring changes
  • The system features 'Detroit Tuned' quick ratio power rack and pinion steering along with forged in the USA Detroit Speed aluminum uprights
  • DSE/JRi 'Detroit Tuned' Coilover shocks/springs allow for spring rate tuning and ride height adjustment
  • Includes a splined sway bar with aluminum arms, composite bushings, powder coated tubular upper and lower control arms with Delrin™ bushings, forged offset upper control arm mounting brackets with caster tuner bushings to optimize suspension geometry
DSE Speedray Front Suspension Kit

DSE Longtube Sidepipe Headers

  • The Detroit Speed, Inc. stainless steel side pipe headers are designed and engineered for LS engines installed in a 1963-82 C2/C3 Corvette using the Detroit Speed SpeedRay™ front suspension
  • The Detroit Speed Stainless Steel LS headers are durable and attractive with no fitment issues for easy installation
  • 1-7/8" primary tube diameter with 4-way merge collectors
  • All stainless steel headers are exclusively manufactured by Pro Fabrication for Detroit Speed in the USA
DSE Longtube Sidepipe Headers
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