Chevrolet Corvette - 1968-1982

The C3 Stingray ran from 1968-1982, making it the longest-running generation Corvette ever. Based on the Mako Shark II which was penned by Larry Shinoda, the C3 carried the Corvette name from the end of the muscle car era and remained successful through both gas crises of the 70s and into the 80s. While the later models may be overlooked by some, these third-generation Vettes are a superb basis for an all-around hot rod when coupled with DSE hardware.

DSE SpeedRay Front Suspension Kit

  • The Detroit Speed C2/C3 SPEEDRAY™ front suspension has no compromises and exclusive Detroit Speed suspension geometry for superior handling and ride quality
  • Available as a 100% bolt-on system or with a small amount of fabrication for a competition coilover option that allows faster spring changes
  • The system features 'Detroit Tuned' quick ratio power rack and pinion steering along with forged in the USA Detroit Speed aluminum uprights
  • The bolt-on powder coated cradle assembly improves suspension geometry, provides rigid mounting for the rack and pinion, and includes integrated tie down eyelets
  • DSE/JRi 'Detroit Tuned' Coilover shocks/springs allow for spring rate tuning and ride height adjustment
DSE SpeedRay Front Suspension Kit

DSE Fibergalss Fender Kit

  • 4" flare width
  • Molded from fiberglass with gel-coat on the outside
  • Recessed for front/rear side marker lights
  • Front fender gills are molded
  • Rear quarter flare fits from door jam to rear tail panel
  • Front fender fits from door jam to original body seam
DSE Fibergalss Fender Kit
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