Detroit Speed’s Mustang Aluma-Frame is an all-aluminum front suspension system for 1964.5-70 Mustangs that installs with the stock frame rails and inner fenders. It includes unique cast aluminum cradle and mounting components which result in a high strength-to-weight ratio and precise fitment. It also features Detroit Speed’s Speed-LIGN caster/camber adjusters which allow for a wide range of adjustability to be made quickly.
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Bolt Pattern
  • 5x4.5
  • 5x4.75
Shock Type
  • Double Adjustable
  • Double Adjustable Remote
  • Non Adjustable
  • Single Adjustable
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    Mustang Aluma-Frame Geometry Specifications
    Flange-to-Flange Distance (without rotors)56.9"
    Flange-to-Flange Distance (with Baer rotors)57.7"
    Total Suspension Travel6"
    Ride Height*1.0" ± 1.0"
    Static Camber-0.5° ± 0.2°
    Static Caster+8.0° ± 0.5°
    Static Toe0.0° ± 0.1°
    Total Bump Steer, 28" Toe-Span0.070"
    Turning Angle27°
    Ackerman Angle (at 15° turning angle)0.875°
    Spring Rate400 lb/in
    Spring Free Length10"

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    The Aluma-Frame has Detroit Speed’s unique suspension geometry with 6" of suspension travel for the ultimate in ride quality and performance both on the street and on the track.