Detroit Speed DECAlink™ Rear Suspension Kit - (1963-82 Corvette - Base Shocks - 17 Spline Axles - 600hp)
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Detroit Speed DECAlink™ Rear Suspension Kit - (1963-82 Corvette - Base Shocks - 17 Spline Axles - 600hp)

Product Code: 041740

The DECAlink™ Independent Rear Suspension features no compromises and exclusive Detroit Speed suspension geometry for superior handling and ride quality. The IRS utilizes modern CV axle shafts and hub bearings, keeping suspension loads from being transmitted through the axle shafts. The DECAlink™ IRS works with an original 17-spline differential assembly with upgrades to 30-spline or a Hammerhead 12-bolt differential. No body modifications are required on 1968-79 models while the suspension is offset inboard for additional tire clearance. All suspension link lengths are adjustable and the kit has adjustments for rear anti-squat geometry and roll center height. The suspension points are hard mounted to eliminate stock rubber mounted suspension deflection.

It comes with forged in the USA Detroit Speed aluminum uprights and a two-piece cast aluminum/steel cradle assembly which eases differential housing removal. DSE/JRi “Detroit Tuned” Coilover shocks/springs allow spring rate tuning and ride height adjustments. The kit includes a rear anti-roll bar and uses OEM cross-axis pivot bushings at all pivot points. The kit also includes Torrington bearings and a spanner tool for easy spring height adjustments.

Base Shock
The DSE/JRi ‘Detroit Tuned’ base shock is a ‘pure blood pedigree’ racing shock in its most efficient form as a non-adjustable unit. Although non-adjustable, it shares all the increased dynamic responses of all the JRi adjustable models while providing excellent ride quality on the street.

Rear Spring Rate: 550lbs/in
Rear Spring Free Length: 8in

  • For 1963-67 vehicles, a section of the body will need to be modified to clear the IRS DECAlink™. This is the section behind the front seats where the battery/storage compartment is located. The fiberglass at the back outside corner of these compartments may need to be trimmed back to clear the suspension.
  • For 1980-82 vehicles, the stock differential cannot be used with the IRS DECAlink™. You can use a stock differential from a 1968-79 vehicle. You will also need to weld or bolt in the rear crossmember from a 1968-79 vehicle into your 1980-82 frame. Call Detroit Speed (704-662-3272) for further details.

Note: Torrington Bearings come with all shock packages included/purchased with the DECAlink™ Rear Suspension

Note: Corvette frame and differential not included with DECAlink™ rear suspension.

USD $8,949.95
Retail price: USD $8,949.95
This kit contains:
  • C2 / C3 Rear Coilover Shock - Non-Adjustable (x 2)
  • C2 / C3 Rear Halfshaft (Each) - (Up to 600 Hp) (x 2)
  • C2 / C3 IRS Suspension Box 1 (Upper cradle, trailing arm brackets, ARB, tie braces, hardware kits) (x 1)
  • C2 / C3 IRS Suspension Box 2 (Lower cradle, diff. brackets, hardware kits) (x 1)
  • C2 / C3 IRS Suspension Box 3 (Link assemblies) (x 1)
  • C2 / C3 IRS Suspension Box 4 (Upright assemblies) (x 1)
  • C2 / C3 IRS Suspension Stock Differential 17-Spline Stub Axles Box (x 1)
  • Detroit Speed Replacement Coilover Springs - (8"x2.5" I.D. - 550lb / in - Pair) (x 1)

Total Suspension Travel 6”

Ride Height* 3” ±1.0”

Static Camber -0.3° ±.2°

Static Toe 0° ±.1°

Total Bump Steer (20” toe span) .027" 

*Measured from bottom edge of upper cradle frame mount bracket to center of hub
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